Reach your target in the Tampa Bay Area online with BHIP & Yahoo

Reach your target with BHIP & Yahoo!

BHIP has partnered with Yahoo!. Yahoo! boasts the best targeting technology in the industry helping you target customers online while they are in the mode to buy your product or service.

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Matching interests = Increased interaction

Behavioral targeted ads tend to perform at a higher level than run of network ads because of the matching priciple. Yahoo! applies state of the art behavior tracking technology to match ads more closely to likely buyers making ads helpful to users instead of visual clutter. The system works to match people with the information they want. By matching interestes, response rates increase.

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Measurable results, less waste

"Pulte homes uses billboards newspaper ads, we've even done some commercials, the benefit of online advertising is that it's trackable. Over 80% of new home sales start online, so I can image that more of our advertising budget will go towards online adveritsing." - Meagan Pishnick - Marketing Manager - Pulte Homes

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2009 Publix Yahoo! Superbowl ad for the Tampa Bay Area

Attract qualified buyers

Through our partnership with Yahoo! BHIP can help you reach 74% of the online users in the Gulf Coast area and take your message even further reaching qualified buyers who we know are interested in your message based on their online behaviors.

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Reach your target with BHIP and Yahoo!

BHIP is your interactive advertising partner offering you unmatched expertise and access to more than 74% of online users in the Gulf Coast area through display advertising on Yahoo! We assist business owners like you in preparing multi-media marketing plans to find qualified buyers for your products. At BHIP we have the latest information on how to effectly market your product in a web 2.0 world and we would love to help you as we have helped others use Yahoo! to tackle your industry's current advertising challenges. We'll show you how to stay competitive and attract the most qualified customers to your business. Read more...


"A lot of the customers want more information, they want it directly and they want it delivered to them through the internet."

Gil Velasquez, Marketing Director Gallery Furniture
Our Reach: Ten Counties

Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Sarasota, Manatee, Hardee, Highlands, Pasco, Polk, Citrus. Our system is so flexible we can target to tight five zipcode clusters or broadly to the 10 county Tampa Bay designated market area. How it works >>

Your Reach with BHIP & Yahoo!

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